I wrote an essay about working overnights.
Peter Nickeas

Hello Peter, your essay has been a reason for me to join this. “Medium.com”. I don’t know how my thoughts will relate to your essay but as I read your essay I thought about a tv show, Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst in Miami Metro PD…he had a saying, and I think it went like this, “everyone wants an Argentina, everyone wants a place where the slate is wiped clean, but Argentina is just Argentina, wherever we go, we take our damage with us, so is home the place we run from…” here it is http://youtu.be/kx-wbpNL5Ns it’s really powerful :) well, I am 39 and I started seeing things in a different perspective when I decided to go to a psychologist. A psycho-dramatist as we call it here in Turkey, and that’s when I started to feel, see things in my life differently, all of a sudden, everything, although very slowly had a meaning, every accident, every sound…even my grandmother’s stroke and her passing away, it all had a meaning I believe made sense to me…my job, which I quitted, and changed (was a mechanical engineer, and now I am a private tutor for k12 kids for maths, astronomy, science,etc…) …relationships, books I read, etc… oh and Alan Watts, search him on YouTube and please listen to him speak about “money” about “reality”, etc… I am sure you’ll like him. Oh here’s a short one from Alan Watts, called “boat analogy” http://youtu.be/G4j6cUwCRmI .

What am I trying to say, that there’s something to what we think, we see, we encounter, and there’s one ultimate catch to it, that we are living, and must be humanists initially, and that everyone on this planet has a purpose to it, murderers, peacemakers, etc… well finally, as a summation of my thoughts, here’s a lovely demonstration of our lives, http://youtu.be/jjh7hsLfWIE .

Sincerely, best wishes to you and all of us.

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