Mandeep Jadon
Jul 19, 2017 · 3 min read

That Escalated Quickly : From partial CSRF to reflected XSS to complete CSRF to Stored XSS


Hey buddies so typically this is my first post on medium . I hope you like it . :) . Please excuse my informal writing flow .

So this is about how I chained one bug after the other to get stored XSS and CSRF . So lets jump into it :

Lets call the site , . On digging up the site one of the forms was susceptible to CSRF .So as usual i shot my request through engagement tools and generated a CSRF POC through Burp !

And guess what It worked like charm . I was happy (Sometimes it happens while hunting bugs , you start celebrating your success and later realize you did some stupid shit and ignored something ). Similar thing happened couple of months back when I though I found an IDOR , later realized I was hacking my own freaking account (Some User ID confusions) .

Anyways Keeping it aside .

So I realized that there was this stupid id parameter that was passed in the POST request that was unique that didn't let me do the CSRF . So let me rephrase my bug and call it ‘partial CSRF’.

So there was a good news and a bad news :

1.There was no anti CSRF token in the POST body nor in the header .
2.There was a id (6 digits) that was sent along other parameters in the post request , that was acting kinda like a anti CSRF token .

So there was no way i could do the CSRF attack (Shoot up comments if you have some ideas) . This was depressing !

After digging little further, I found one of the paramters in the POST request was vulnerable to XSS (Call me lucky , cause normally you wont find CSRF and XSS at the same place) .

So I had two bugs in hand :

1. Patial CSRF : I was not able to do changes in the victims account since it gave error that id is not valid .
2. Reflected XSS : I could still toss up cookies to my server . So yeah it was a real bug .

So now I had a real bug in hand . But I wanted to do CSRF because if it gets executed I can get a stored XSS . :)

For doing the CSRF I had to get the value of ID somehow . For getting the value of the ID I had XSS in hand:) . But God had different plans for me .

Unfortunately the form after doing a partial CSRF loads up the bogus id value that we forged . So it was not possible to get the ID value from that form (Shit ! It became tongue twister) . :( So I started building up the payload that would redirect me to the page that has the ID and fetch it for me . Unfortunately after several attempts I was not able to do so , Why ?
Because when the new page loads up , the rest of the Javascript was not able to execute . (There may be definately some workarounds . Also correct me if I am wrong:) ) . I tried to using XHR , But still somehow the ID was not fetched .

So I though and thought and thought . I did over thought and slept .

Later again luck came into play . I analysed the page source of the forged form (Which was obtained after partial CSRF) for the ID at some other place . Fortunately , I found that Id hidden in one of the html element . Hey bhagwaan !!!! BC pehle kyon nhin dikha .

So now the work was easy :

  1. The payload was pretty basic one :
    KadiNinda”><ScRipt>location.href = ‘'+document.getElementById("id").value;</sCriPt>

This would send a GET request containing the Id value for that user to my server . I Verified it using console network tab in the browser .

2. Once I had the id, Its pretty basic do a FULL CSRF and a Stored XSS .

So Victory .

That was all for the post .

PS : This is my page , Ultimate1337trolls . Where I do lots of leet trolls . Would appreciate if you join the leet gang ! :D

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