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5 April 2018

The AI Jukebox is a neural network that generates music. Lets start out by sampling some of AI Jukebox’s work:

The work thus far has focused on collections of midi files by genre. A few of the genres sampled include:

Page 15, Figure 2 of report discussed below, depicting the increased realism of synthetic faces (as in these faces are not of real people) generated by various Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), a type of neural network. In order, the images are from papers by Goodfellow et al. (2014), Radford et al. (2015), Liu and Tuzel (2016), and Karras et al. (2017).

26 February 2018

On 20 February 2018 a paper was published titled “The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation.” The 100+ page report was published by Miles Brundage and 25 other authors representing seven institutions including OpenAI, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

This post highlights just a few key ideas from within this comprehensive document.

The paper seeks to address the question of: “How can we forecast, prevent and mitigate the harmful effects of malicious uses of AI?” Rather than explicitly prescribe solutions, the paper simply seeks to open the discussion on how…

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21 February 2018

In this post we will explore a supervised learning model to predict the success of Kickstarter campaigns.

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2 February 2018

As you may know, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency notorious for extreme price volatility. I set out to build a multivariable linear regression model which can be used to predict the price of Bitcoin. In this post, I will:

  1. Introduce a predictive model for the price of Bitcoin
  2. Explore a couple significant underlying features of the model
  3. Provide my key insights and takeaways from this project

Model Overview

The model is a multiple linear regression model, defined as more than one explanatory variable predicting a single dependent variable. …

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19 January 2018

As a data science student at the Metis Data Science Bootcamp, our first project, completed in four days, was to address the following hypothetical situation.

Problem Statement

At the request of Women Tech Women Yes (WTWY), an NYC-based non-profit focused on promoting women in tech, our team has been tasked with optimizing the deployment of WTWY street teams to subway stations to raise
awareness of an upcoming summer gala that WTWY would like to promote. …

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