Do you know what’s happening around your house?

Probably Yes. But No. We live in an age where everything we need is online and ready. Food, one click. Travel, one click. Information, you guessed it right, One click. We have moved past the stage of creating things to creating things that get things done faster than the things we created before. I know, right?

We can talk to anyone on the planet, provided they are not around us and their privacy setting allows us to contact them. We know what’s happening in a place that’s away from us but not around us, weird. When something bad happens in a place, the first thing people do is share it on facebook to let others around the world know about it. Here, we forget the fact that if we tell the people around us, that would actually help turn the bad situation a little better. Getting back to the topic.

We can now know about what’s happening in the International Space Station, live. Yes, Live. Bet most of you didn’t know that. Check this link to find out more. That’s like the closest thing we have now to live streaming from another planet. Well, not planet, but still it’s something that has people living in it.

What if we could connect with the people around us, in our city, in our street? What good would that do?

Well, you can only find that out if there were a platform to connect with your neighborhood. That’s where circld comes in.

Circld is your online neighborhood community connecting you with your city and the people in it. You can explore other places and collaborate on activities and connect with people within your neighborhood or any other place on the planet. Check out circld at

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