Business Inspires podcast interviews Jason Clayton of Vital Companies

Jason Clayton, CMO / Partner of Vital Companies is Michelle’s guest.

Vital Companies is an award winning video production company based in Columbus, Ohio. Their services include video & audio production, concept development, digital marketing strategy, and more. They specialize in creating dynamic content for their clients through an efficient, creative, and collaborative process.

Business Inspires with Vital Companies’ Jason Clayton

There’s a story in everyone and every business that can be told across many different mediums. That’s the reason the company was started started — tell those stories in an engaging and entertaining way.

The work closely with their clients in order to accurately identify their needs and their vision. They then use their skills in video production, music production, animation, photography, and digital marketing to create engaging content for their clients to use meet their goals.

Vital Companies believes strongly in giving back to our community. They partner with like minded non profit organizations in Central Ohio to provide the needed support to help our community: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Dress for Success, Komen Columbus, The United Way, The Columbus Foundation and many others in Central Ohio.

They have marketed and raised funds for non profits, created film schools for teenagers and founded The Film Festival of Columbus, a film festival to support the visual arts in Columbus, to name a few.

Jason’s inspiration — a passion for creativity. The ability to take music and video and make a living.

Jason’s advice for adversity — have confidence in your vision, and understand you will have failures. Your vision will help you through the tough times, and create ways to overcome adversity.

“Living out of fear rather than living out of opportunity can get really stressful.”

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