11 Tips To Help Protect Your Home Security System From Being Hacked⁉️

We all understand that with technology comes hacking and the invasion of our information and privacy. Therefore, we go out of our way to use encrypted passwords and install security software on our computers and mobile devices.

However, most people don’t give a second thought to their security systems being hacked. But they should because a security system, just like any other device, can be used to spy on your activities or hacked so they fail to go off when an intruder attempts to break into your home. This is a very real threat and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are 11 tips to help prevent your security system from being hacked.

  • Select a brand and a security company with a good reputation.
  • Avoid buying used security equipment.
  • Don’t use public connections.
  • Periodically check your logs to make sure you are the only one logging into your system.
  • Limit the number of devices that have access to your security system.
  • Make sure your security cameras are encrypted or password-protected.
  • Use strong passwords and change them frequently.
  • Never leave the manufacturer’s default username and password in place. Always delete those and create your own.
  • Make sure your wireless network is using WPA2 (if applicable).
  • Frequently update your security cameras firmware.
  • Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) which further restricts the devices that can access the network (if applicable). This will add another layer of security to your system.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to know if your security system has been hacked. And worse, most people don’t even know where to look. One of the main red flags that your system might have been hacked is that your security camera is noticeably slower or is not performing like usual. However, this isn’t always the case as this type of behavior could indicate a bad connection or a weak signal.

If you would like more information about having a top quality security system installed or would just like more tips for helping to keep your security system from being hacked, please contact Circle City Alarm today. Let us show you the benefits of having a new security system installed in your home and just how cost-effective it can be.