How to make long videos useful?

We all know that our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. But the reality is that many of the internal communication videos are very long e.g. All Hands videos, Training videos, Tech Talk videos etc. These videos have very useful content but the challenge is that the viewers get impatient and don’t see the whole video. In this post, I’ll share some hacks that our customers were using before they became our customer. That hack is painful work, so I’ll also share how can do it better with CircleHD.

Usual hack used by the Communication Managers

After the long meeting (e.g. All Hands), Communication Managers typically receive the video recording. They store it at places like Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint and then send the link out to the employees as emails. Since these videos are typically long, Communication Managers review the long video and make note of what important topic was covered at what point in the Video. They make note of all that and then send it as an email like below:

Thanks to all of you who watched the Company All Hands meeting. If you missed the event, you can now watch the recording online:
Below are some important topics covered as well as the time stamps of when so you can jump immediately to those segments:
[11:45] What is so special about our new strategy?
[16:55] How can we win over our competitor X?
[47:16] What are we doing to increase our internal mobility?

Challenges with this hack?

While this hack might work, following are some big challenges that’s why very few people do even this hack:

  • Bad user experience for the recipients of this email. They have to keep flipping back into the email and the video viewing experience. (sometimes those emails also get lost- that’s a different problem to be talked about in a different post)
  • This hack doesn’t leverage the power of all the employees who are watching and noting down those important points.
  • If Communication Manager wants to make changes like adding a new topic at a different timestamp, he or she will have to send another email. Employees are already getting too many emails. So, sending email correction is likely to not be noticed.

Is there a better solution?

Good news is that there exists a much better solution. With CircleHD, Communication Managers get a much better experience for adding those topics while watching the video:

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