Private video sites for your Business ready in 30 seconds

Enterprises and Businesses are now catching up to this trend of leveraging Videos more and more for employee training, learning, remote team communication, cross-team collaboration, close customer partner communication and many more. After all, if the pictures are worth thousand words, Videos are worth 1.8 million words. Having an easy to use secure video portal helps a lot in driving up employee engagement and customer engagement- two very important metrics for success of your business.

This videos shows how can you quickly be ready to accomplish that for your company within 30 seconds.

While There are tons of great options for putting public videos out there like youtube, facebook and others, CircleHD is the only solution that is easy to use and quick to setup for secure video sharing within the company (and securely sharing with close customers and partners). See for yourself in the above video. There are tons of technology options like Brightcove, Kultura, Panopto and all but none of them are ready to use solution for the businesses. They all need setup, deployment and large IT budgets. Our customers told us that they tried many of these products for building their internal video portal or private youtube but none of them were as quick and simple to use as CircleHD.

Best part about using CircleHD is you don’t even have to wait for complete org wide rollout. Start using it within smaller groups/ smaller teams, start with free option and then grow as you see the value.

Sign up at to start using it today. Will love you hear your feedback, suggestions or questions at