Use Videos to make your training, on-boarding & communication 50% more effective.

Are you spending way too much time on-boarding new employees?

Are your remote team members missing out on brownbags, lunch-and learn sessions & executive communication?

Are your marketers not able to fully leverage the power of Video and make those Videos actionable and measurable?

Get those videos out of the silos of your sharepoint sites/ local hard drives and hidden places. Make them easily discoverable and useful by getting a video site for your team. Think of this as “Internal Youtube” or “Private Youtube” for your team.

CircleHD SaaS offering (Software as a Service) offering enables to build your secure video site in just a few clicks.

CircleHD customers reported up to 50% increase in employee engagements through more effective training, onboarding, communication & collaboration. Marketers report up to 30% increase in the ROI of their video content.

Why Video?

4 out of 5 Enterprises say Video Use Improved their Productivity and Efficiencies
73% of Marketers Say Video Positively Impacts Marketing ROI
Consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019

All the surveys and statistics point to the fact that if you are not ready to make use of Video to drive up your employee engagement and marketing effectiveness, you are missing out on this big trend.

Key Product Features

You get a ready to use Video portal with your branded domain as soon as you sign up. Use this portal to securely store, privately share, collaboratively manage and easily play the videos on any device.

Your Branded Video Portal ready in just a few clicks

As soon as you sign up at CircleHD, you get your domain branded secure video portal ready to use. You can cname it to create your video website like

Very easy administration of Videos & Channels

All the authorized admins can very easily upload videos and organize them as channels. No technical training required.

Mobile Ready — Authorized Users can easily play video anywhere

Videos automatically adjust to the supported formats of the device- mobile as well as desktop. This is extremely useful because most of the workers these days are mobile workers and they need to be able to play video content from anywhere and any device.

Security, Sharing & Collaboration in your control

Very easy to grant permission and revoke permission for the entire website or for specific videos and specific channels.

Share a channel or selected Videos as playlist. Built for security and collaboration from ground up.

Advanced Analytics & Call to Action

Get clear view of how people are using the videos, what’s working, what’s not working and also insert call to action to make your videos more effective.

Single Sign-On & Open APIs to connect to other Systems

Enterprises can easily connect to their directory system for single sign on and use Open APIs for connecting to other line of business systems.

Free to Get Started, try with small team and then roll out to larger teams

CircleHD makes it very easy to get started and try with smaller team of upto 10 members for free. See the value of the product and then roll out at larger scale for the enterprise.

Contact Us

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