Digitalising material flows

By Rémy Le Moigne

Steel is not infinitely recycled. For instance, much of the high-grade steels recovered from vehicles are down-cycled into a lower-price material and mostly reused in lower-grade applications, such as buildings and infrastructures. Indeed, not aware of the quality of the steel they collect, recyclers mix different…

An opportunity to demonstrate the potential of circular design

By Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

From the very beginning, the circular economy has been a design-led agenda, which encourages upstream solutions that build to systemic change. The New European Bauhaus initiative, taking inspiration from the influential Bauhaus movement, provides Europe with the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the circular economy, and lead the way in the transition.

Announced by Ursula Von De Leyen in 2020, The New European Bauhaus has the chance to connect two acts of the European story in the 21st Century: the moment we are in, and the…

Large companies are leveraging circular design to transform their businesses. This is how IKEA and DS Smith are doing it.

By Alice Bodreau, Strategic Partners manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Over the past decade, design has been recognised as a force for change by organisations large and small. From creating innovative products to launching disruptive business models or transforming entire companies, design methodologies have been embraced to tackle corporations’ strategic challenges

Redesigning how we make and use buildings to reach net-zero emissions

Written by Tansy Robertson-Fall, Senior Editor, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and designed by Fanny Breteau, Senior Graphic Designer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Bill Gates’ latest contribution to the climate change debate has received mixed reviews. Regardless of your perspective on the multi billionaire’s role in the discussion, however, Gates highlights an important…

What makes a good climate change conference?

By Carmen Valache-Altinel, Project and Communications Manager: Climate Change, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The world has pinned its hopes on the fact that this year’s global climate conference, COP26, will deliver the action-conducive consensus that is urgently needed to address climate change. But what is the COP, who are the actors behind it, and what can we expect from this year’s edition?

These days, it seems like not a day goes by without news of yet another country, company, city or another institution committing to ambitious climate targets in a bid to keep the rise in global temperature below 1.5…

You may be a food designer, but you might not know it

By Gaëlle Le Gélard, Circular Design Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

What is food design?

Like every product, food is designed.

Like most French people of my generation, I grew up eating Petit Ecolier biscuits. They are delicious biscuits draped with a layer of chocolate imprinted with the image of a schoolboy wearing a beret…

Perspectives from a pioneer in Anhui province

By Vigil Yangjinqi Yu, Research Analyst, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

In May of 2000, Kunsen Ji arrived in the city of Chizhou, in China’s Anhui province, to investigate progress that was being made towards the establishment of a ‘national ecological and economic demonstration’ zone. Just two years into his post as Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Anhui…

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