Dear Mom & Dad, Please Don’t Vote for Donald Trump

An open letter to mothers and fathers everywhere.

Dear Mom & Dad,

This election season has worn on us all, but the end is finally upon us.

I know you could never cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. I won’t try to change your mind there. As you remember, I was an invigorated Bernie Sanders supporter, and still do have serious issues with some of Hillary’s policies.

However, I also know that due to the wretched nature of this election cycle, you’ve both chosen to plug your ears to some degree. This was probably a good move on your parts, but I want to take a moment to express how sincerely I hope you will consider not casting a vote for Donald Trump.

I have never felt this strongly about a presidential candidate before in my short life. But through Trump’s words, actions and rhetoric over the past year, the incompetency of his campaign and insistence that American elections are rigged, I fear for our future if Trump is elected President.

Through Donald Trump’s entire campaign he has divided Americans into groups based on race, gender, religion and other segments in order to blame these groups for the problems we face as Americans. This runs contrary to everything you taught me was great about America as a child, that we are a uniquely great country because of our diversity, because of our freedoms and because of our inclusivity.

Donald Trump’s vision of America is the opposite of mine, and I want to say very specifically, Donald Trump’s America is not one I can live in. I truly hope you’ll consider not voting for Donald Trump on November 8th.


Your Son

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