Our Hackathon Experience

Oct 24, 2019 · 2 min read

At Circularise, we believe that cross industry cooperation is a key factor for innovation. That’s why when we received an invitation to N3XTCODER’s Hackathon on Supply Chain Transparency we packed our bags and flew to Berlin.

We came to this decision for the sake of exposing ourselves to new experiences, new people, and new perspectives. The hackathon itself was the second in the series of three hackathons organised by N3XTCODER, that was designed to connect social business entrepreneurs with industry experts from Zalando SE, Volkswagen Group, and adidas.

Before the event we sat down with the team and started to brainstorm for possible challenges to tackle during the day. After several hours filled with heated discussions, table tennis breaks and plenty of coffee, we boiled everything down to just two challenges, namely coding a natural language parser for smart questions and designing a UX for consumers. During the hackathon, with the help from N3XTCODER, we managed to build a powerful interdisciplinary team, after which we focused on working out real solutions for these challenges. Eight hours later, the solutions were presented, and contrary to our expectations our team was awarded the second place.

You can imagine, that after such a great experience we will recommend participating in such events. Hackathons provide a great environment to learn new tools and skills and meet like-minded individuals. They allow you to gain practical experience using technologies to create a useable product without having to worry about delivering a production-ready solution at the end of it. Even more importantly, they give you an opportunity to get input from real industry experts and expand your network.

More info about N3XTCODER’s Hackathon series can be found here http://snip.ly/7k02ek

Originally published at www.circularise.com.