Running Laravel Valet on Windows
Cretu Eusebiu

Hi Cretu,

Thanks very much for your contribution.

I’ve installed it and ran into an error saying “/vendor/homepath” not found:

Then I figured that it’s a text file storing the path to the “.valet” folder.

if ($windowsOs) {
 $homePath = file_get_contents(__DIR__.’/vendor/homepath’);
 define(‘VALET_HOME_PATH’, $homePath.’/.valet’);
} else {
 define(‘VALET_HOME_PATH’, ‘/Users/’.posix_getpwuid(fileowner(__FILE__))[‘name’].’/.valet’);

I’ve skimmed through the code and didn’t find any place creating this particular file named “homepath”, so maybe it was overlooked from the adaptation to Windows?

I’d very much like to issue a PR when free, but sorry that I’m recently very busy, so I just bring it to your attention first.


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