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Why We All Need To Experience A View From The Top

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I visited Yosemite National Park. I think the best part of the whole trip was this view from Taft’s Point! We spent some time hiking up to get to here and when we did, the view was magical.

Here’s the thing, as I got closer to the edge I was scared. The view is breathtaking and we were really high up, like 7,500 feet up. And as I looked down, I remembered my fear of heights. Actually, I remembered all my fears and doubts and suddenly I felt small.

Small in the best way.

Small like, those doubts shrunk. As I sat down and looked around, I felt that all the anxiety that often overwhelms me spread thinly across the valley. The depression that surrounds me filled the valley down below and I could breathe. In that moment, the cold breeze felt like a confirmation of my existence.

I mattered, and I had some purpose because I felt so alive. It was this moment of understanding that I may be tiny in this world, but I am significant.

In no way am I saying that this cured my depression or anxiety, but this perspective is something I’ve gone back to when I feel down. I think from time to time we all need to step away and climb some rocks and mountains to remember who we are. I’m not saying it’s a life changing “find yourself journey” but remember that you have a purpose.

I’ve struggled with self worth for a long time and have only recently started talking about my life by speaking truth to my struggles. I’ve had many successes in life and from the outside as a college graduate, public speaker, with a full time job, and so many experiences you’d think I’d be happy.

For a long time I haven’t been happy and that’s okay. You can have all the success in the world and not be happy.

Depression is silent and eats you up inside, especially when you feel alone. Most importantly, it can happen to anyone.

I encourage you to find a view and go. It feels good to be outside, healing in some ways. The feeling you get from the top is something that can’t be taken away from you, an accomplishment of sorts to remind you that you are significant in this big world even if you feel small.

Being at the top reminds you that there is so much to live for, even if it’s not much. Views like these aren’t going to solve your problems, it’s not going to help your finances, or fix anything. It does give you perspective, something that sad and anxious feelings often distort.

A view from the top is unlike any other and you deserve to see the world from a beautiful place.

Ciriac Isbeth.