All You Need To Know About Stone Wall Repair

A stone wall will stand strong for many years if it is erected properly but even the best ones need repair and damage control from time to time. You can also repair the stone wall yourself but it is a tedious job, the kind that requires a lot of patience and skill so, it is recommended to get an expert so as to save your time and money. There can be a lot many reasons for damage in a stone wall ranging from earthquake to weather and even frost heave or general aging of the wall. Following are some of the basic steps you can follow for stone wall repair in Pittsburgh:-

#Assess the damage

Very minor signs of damage like a hairline crack need not be taken very seriously however major damages, need to be addressed quickly so as to avoid major inconvenience. You need to properly assess the damage that your wall has sustained. Cracked or crumbled stones need to be replaced. You might be in a situation to cut out a part of the wall and replace it. Often, most repairs are due to spall failure or patching which may or may not belong to an earlier repair.

#Remove the necessary portion

If the stone is completely damaged or crippled then you might not be in a position to only replace a certain area. However, in most cases, it is possible to eliminate a certain section of the wall and replace it. To remove a certain part of the wall, you will require tools. Now, it isn’t advisable to use these tools if you aren’t well versed with the way they are handled. You would mostly require a hammer and a chisel in this case.

#Find another stone

If you have removed a portion of the wall then you will have to find one to replace it. You can look for it in a local quarry or check with a stone supplier. If you seek professional help then you wouldn’t have to take care of this.

#Shape and cut the new stone

Once you have found a stone, you will have to give it the required shape. This can be done with the help of local stone repair Pittsburgh Company. The stone will have to match the rest of the wall. You can use a diamond blade cutter to cut the dimensions of the stone.

#Place the stone

In a historic stone wall, you will have to create a mixture of lime and sand mixture without cement. Again, seeking help from local stone repair Pittsburgh companies will save you from a lot of work. You will have to dampen the stone surrounding the cavity as well as the stone itself. Post this, you can butter the joints and place it accordingly.

Stone wall repair is a process which will require expert advice. Pittsburgh is full of service providers who would be able to assist you with the same. It is best to reach out to these experts and get your job done in a convenient and easy way.

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