California Privilege
Zoheb Davar

I read Anthony Bourdain’s article about OFW’s in which you commented. I followed the link and read yours.

A society’s ability to thrive will forever be linked to its citizens’ faith in safety.

This one line struck a cord with me. If this is the case we are all doomed. I was born and raised in San Francisco and now live in San Diego with my wife and two kids. I am thinking about moving back to San Francisco. My wife is from the Philippines and we donnot have any family down here in San Diego. To get to my point, I donnot believe citizens have any faith in safety anymore. Especially since the date of September 11, 2001. Our country is cramming fear down the throats of its’ citizens. Islamaphobia by way of terrorism was the beginning and terrorism by way of police brutality is taking over. Sooner or later we are going to be country in marshall law. A majority of the people who feel safe are in the top percents of wealth. I am not fearful, but at the same time I do not feel safe.