Uncomfortable But Sure Signs You’re On The Right Path

1. You are faced with obstacles.

The right path isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s fraught with obstacles that were previously unseen and unknown. In the moment it can be hard to see the value of these troubles but they are everything. It’s by overcoming obstacles that you learn priceless lessons that are vital to the journey. There can be no progress without discomfort, no success without a journey.

2. You are experiencing a fear of the unknown.

If you’re a passionate risk taker you will end up along the road less travelled. Here you’ll face the unpleasant fear of the unknown. If you’re fearless then you’re either ignorant to the risks or not pushing yourself as hard as you need to. You have to look your fear in the eye and sit with it. Then take action and hold tightly to the knowledge you gain in the process. If everything is uncertain, you can still be sure of one thing: yourself.

3.You often feel alone in your journey.

The majority of people are perfectly happy staying in their comfort zone. Not surprisingly, then, you will find your circle getting smaller if you’re out blazing new trails. There are not so many fellow travellers. In this way loneliness is synonymous with your own growth. Learn to embrace the solitude so that you are not held back by loneliness.

4. You feel as if you don’t quite fit in.

Once you accept who you are and are clear about what you want you will find yourself writing your own rules. Old standards will become obsolete and you won’t quite fit in with the rest of the crowd. This is a sure sign you’re on the right path. And whether you’re right or wrong you will have the chance to lead others into a new era or learn the lessons from your mistakes, get better, and pave a new path once again.

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