“The reason you can accomplish something is because you already had it within you.” - B.McGill

It still amazes me every single time with how many thoughts and ideas we can actually come up out of ‘nothingness’. Somebody says something, you see something, you read something, you meet someone, you smell something and all of a sudden, it seems, a new idea, a new trail of thought, a combination of things just spark up in your mind and give birth to something that hasn’t been there before or predictable to come. Yet they seem to be so ‘obvious’ sometimes or so simple when we think about it later. Most of these thoughts come when you have time and you can be present in that very moment just like you are. You will always come up with something to do, think or keep yourself busy. The magic is to keep them, store them and select which ones can materialize, come to life and actually happen. But nevertheless in that moment that the thought hits you, it feels like a giant endorphin release and you are instantly incredible happy and motivated. What a funny function!

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