Dear Artists: San Francisco Doesn’t Deserve You
Abraham Woodliff

“Soon enough they’ll get bored of our hilly progressive paradise and be on their way to ruin someone else’s city.”

Ah, would that it were so. But we’d have to take a hell of a lot more with us than just the art. Even if we stopped painting murals, and scribbling lines, and playing music, we’d have to take the hills, and the sunsets, and the cable cars, and the bridge, and the bay. And that’s just not feasible. Even if it were, it would be spiteful.

Sure, we could stop making art, but at this point, would it matter? There’d still be Kerouac and Janis Joplin wannabes prowling North Beach and the Haight, and landlords to charge them, and Techies to pay them, and I think the line you wrote just before is the better one:

“Express yourself creatively elsewhere.”

We can’t take the Golden Gate out of San Francisco, we can only take the bridge out of town.

I’m hearing good things about Sacramento these days…

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