What is Abort Controller in JavaScript Web Apps and how to use it in React to abort async calls? Theory and various use cases.

What’s in here?

On the very beginning I talk about some basic theory behind asynchronous functions in JavaScript and how they work.

Then a bit about Abort Controller and why to use it in a first place?

When the introduction is over I’ll show two use cases in React- the first is a basic usage when you data are fetched on a component mount and the second one is for async requests triggered by user interaction like eg. onClick.

Article overview:

You plan to use GraphQL in your React app but not sure how to start? Here you can find two different ways of implementation.

What’s in here?

I’ll write about two different techniques of using GraphQL in ReactReact Apollo and GraphQL Hooks. But hold your horses…

First I show how to define simple GraphQL endpoint on Back-End built with NodeJS. The endpoint will be able to process parameters I plan to provide by Front-End query. This is kind of a Full Stack content :)

Endpoint in NodeJS

So you know. All the code I show here is available in my GraphQL case study repo

Algorithms for JavaScript developers
Algorithms for JavaScript developers

Bored with “Frameworks” related stuff and keen to wrap your head around some JavaScript algorithms? Great, let’s have some fun :)

What’s in here?

This article is mainly about algorithms and I’ll focus on 5 different code tasks in pure JavaScript.

You can obviously approach solving algorithmic problems from many different angles. I’ll try to show multiple solutions to reflect it.

If there will be more than one solution I’ll check performance of a particular code snippet. …

Do you plan to build your new blog using GatsbyJS? Is it going to be your first project with this tech? Maybe you’ll find a few useful hints in this art.

What can you find here?

Don’t expect tons of code or one more GatsbyJS tutorial. It will be rather ( I hope nice ) a monologue from a JS developer about GatsbyJS development experience.

I’ll list up various challenges that I identified before I started development of this blog and then how I managed to overcome them. That was my second project in GatsbyJS so I had some experience. Not too much though :)

Bartek Cis

JavaScript developer. I adore clean design and love to write articles for my blogs: https://cisbart.dev/ & https://bedekodzic.pl/ .

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