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A BlackBerry device is missing the Enterprise Activation icon and Enterprise Activation is not present under Options > Advanced Options. Which of the following is the cause? (Choose one.) 
A. An activation password has not been set for the BlackBerry device user 
B. Services have not been started on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
C. The BlackBerry device is already active on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
D. The user account has not been added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
E. The BlackBerry device is not provisioned for the Enterprise service class by the wireless service provider

300–135 dumps Correct Answer: E 
While the application loader tool is running, one of the following messages is displayed: No system software was found for your device Or No system software found What could cause these errors to appear? (Choose two.) 
A. BlackBerry Desktop Manager was installed for use with BlackBerry Desktop Redirector and, therefore, ignores non-essential modules 
B. No BlackBerry Device Software is installed on the BlackBerry device 
C. BlackBerry Device Software for a different BlackBerry device model has been installed on the computer 
D. The BlackBerry Device Software has been installed into the wrong directory 
E. BlackBerry Device Software is not installed on the computer

Correct Answer: CE 
After the initial installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager, what is the first setting that has to be configured to ensure the detection of the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.) 
A. BlackBerry Device Software must be installed on the computer 
B. Ensure Email Settings have been verified and are correct 
C. Ensure option item Profile Options is set to use the correct MAPI profile 
D. Ensure option item Connection Options is set to use a USB port 
E. Ensure option item Data Folder Options is set to use the recommended default value 
300–135 exam Correct Answer: D 
During a wireless enterprise activation, what is the SPEKE tunnel used for? (Choose one.) 
A. To generate the ETP.DAT attachment 
B. To complete the wireless enterprise activation after the encryption key is generated 
C. To assign a BlackBerry device to a user over the wire (a physical connection) from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
D. To push BlackBerry Enterprise service books to a BlackBerry device so a wireless enterprise activation 
can be performed 
E. To establish the communication window through which the initial encryption key is generated using shared secret methodology during the OTAKEYGEN phase of wireless enterprise activation

Correct Answer: E 
Which three features can be found on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 device? (Choose three.) 
A. A SureType keyboard 
B. A BlackBerry GPS Receiver 
C. 1GB of internal storage 
D. A 2.5mm headset jack 
E. Integrated Wi-Fi Support

Correct Answer: BCE 
300–135 pdf QUESTION 90 
A BlackBerry device user calls in, asking for the best resources to self-educate on why the Send As permission gets revoked. Which two of the following options are the best resources? (Choose two.) 
A. BlackBerry Permissions Library 
C. Blackberry User Administration Guide 
D. Search the BTSC for Send As Revoked or specific errors encountered 
E. IT Policy Reference Guide

Correct Answer: BD 
What is peer-to-peer encryption? (Choose one.) 
A. A feature that allows a private encryption key to be set for the PIN messaging function of a BlackBerry device within an organization for all other BlackBerry devices activated to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
B. This is for peer-to-peer file sharing 
C. A feature that allows peer-to-peer file sharing to be remotely monitored over the wireless network by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
D. A feature that automatically increases the encryption strength of any peer-to-peer applications on a desktop computer the BlackBerry device is tethered to or paired with
E. It is required for all PIN messages to be tracked on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

300–135 vce Correct Answer: A 
A BlackBerry device user is reporting that text messages, call logs and emails messages are spontaneously being deleted from the BlackBerry device. Which two of the following causes would explain this issue? (Choose two.) 
A. Memory allocated for usage by the Camera application has exceeded the amount of available application memory 
B. The camera application has been set to store images in application memory instead of on a media card 
C. The user is running BlackBerry Memory Manager in the background on their BlackBerry device 
D. The user email environment is such that there is typically month worth of spreadsheets in the BlackBerry device inbox 
E. The user has the SMS and Email Inboxes option set to Combined in General Options

Correct Answer: BD 
Which three of the following conditions must be met in order to initiate a wireless enterprise activation of a BlackBerry device on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose three.) 
A. The service provider has provisioned the BlackBerry device for the Enterprise service class 
B. The user account has been added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
C. The PIN number of the BlackBerry device has been manually entered under the user account on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
D. An activation password has been set for the user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
E. The BlackBerry device must receive a token from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

300–135 exam Correct Answer: ABD 
A BlackBerry device user sends an email message using the BlackBerry device but receives the following error: Desktop email program was unable to submit message At which point in the data flow process is the email message failing to be sent? (Choose one.) 
A. When the BlackBerry Enterprise Server submits the email message to the messaging server 
B. When the BlackBerry device submits the email message to the wireless network 
C. When the BlackBerry Enterprise Server receives the email message from the BlackBerry Infrastructure 
D. When the BlackBerry Infrastructure receives the email message from the wireless network 
E. When the intended recipient messaging server receives the email message

300–135 dumps Correct Answer: A 
Which two of the following values are changed in the configuration file iloptcfg.cfg to enable advanced logging in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose two.) 
A. HeapLogging 
B. MultiJobTraceLog 
C. TifLog 
D. LoggingFilter 
E. TraceDetail

Correct Answer: BC 
A BlackBerry device user synchronizes the Calendar application wirelessly on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and then synchronizes the Calendar application using a wired connection with BlackBerry Desktop Manager for a public work calendar. Recently, the user has begun to see numerous duplicate entries in the Calendar application on the BlackBerry device. Which of the following troubleshooting steps might resolve the issue? (Choose one.) 
A. Have the user perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Manager and replace it with the previous version 
B. Have the user delete the calendar database on the BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Desktop Manager and perform a one-way synchronization from the computer 
C. Have the user delete the Calendar database on the computer and perform a one-way synchronization from the BlackBerry device 
D. Delete and then undelete the Desktop[CICAL] service book on the BlackBerry device 
E. Have the user update the BlackBerry Device Software on the BlackBerry device

300–135 exam Correct Answer: B 
If the synchronization process with BlackBerry Desktop Manager appears to be successful but no information is transferred to the BlackBerry device, what is the cause of this? (Choose one.) 
A. The BlackBerry device memory is full 
B. The items were transferred to a media card instead of the internal BlackBerry device memory 
C. The wireless radio is turned off 
D. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is setup to use the wrong MAPI profile 
E. The BlackBerry device is missing the appropriate service books

Correct Answer: D 
Which three of the following credentials are required to login to BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager? (Choose three.) 
A. Domain name 
B. Domain username 
C. BlackBerry device username 
D. Domain account password 
E. BlackBerry device password

Correct Answer: ABD 
In addition to the application loader tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which of the following is another method included with BlackBerry Desktop Manager for installing software on the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.) 
A. Program Installer 
B. BlackBerry Launchpad 
C. Desktop Install Manager 
D. Application Loader Lite 
E. BlackBerry Installshield

300–135 dumps Correct Answer: D 
Which two of the following methods of encryption are available in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment for activated BlackBerry device users? (Choose two.) 
E. Triple DES

Correct Answer: AE 
Which of the following can be obtained from the Options > About screen of the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.) 
A. BlackBerry Device Software version 
B. Owner information
C. Mobile Network IMSI 
E. IT Policy name

Correct Answer: E 
A BlackBerry device user has synchronization stop on a conflict while synchronizing only the address book through BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Which two of the following are valid troubleshooting steps? (Choose two.) 
A. Delete the Intellisync folder 
B. Have the user search the address book database for blank entries 
C. Restart BlackBerry Desktop Manager and try synchronizing again 
D. Reactivate the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 
E. Delete the user account using the BlackBerry Administration Service then re-add it

300–135 pdf Correct Answer: AB 
Which of the following BlackBerry Enterprise Server Services is responsible for pushing an IT policy to a BlackBerry device? (Choose one.) 
A. The BlackBerry Policy Service 
B. The BlackBerry Security Service 
C. The BlackBerry IT Synchronization Service 
D. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 
E. The BlackBerry Synchronization Service

Correct Answer: A 
Which two of the following options is the BlackBerry Synchronization Service responsible for? (Choose two.) 
A. Synchronizing organizer data (PIM) items between the messaging server and the BlackBerry devices 
B. Email message pre-population during wireless enterprise activation 
C. Synchronizing IT policies between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry devices 
D. Distilling attachments 
E. Performing wireless backups of the BlackBerry device 
300–135 Correct Answer: AE

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