Why Black People Can’t Be Racist in America
Brittany Cesarini

I highly disagree and I think you (Brittany) are ignorant about other areas away from your own.

Go to NYC. Here in NYC there are countless different minorities (Latino, Euro, Asian, Arab, etc) and guess what, these minorities advice their own to stay away from black populated areas. Why?

The reality is, black people are the most frequent racists here in New York and even the majority of metropolises like Chicago. There was a couple of times in where a bunch of black high school kids would roam around Flushing-Queens (a Village that has a high % of Chinese people) and they would just try to bully them, make fun of them, and throw racist comments. Some would even walk up to a chinese person and call him “shaolin” or insert random racist jokes on him, into threatening to kick his ass.

Sure, not all black people are like this. There are those who are really good, but there is a good reason why even other minorities have such a negative feeling towards some black strangers… it isn’t because of their skin color, but they have built their own image to be negative. Check this out, research on all the top most dangerous areas in the United States.. and then check out the demographic.

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