Step by Step Tutorial to do Painting With Daniel Smith Water Colors!

To paint with watercolor requires patience and knowledge of the different layers where they will be available and when.Here is a guide to paint a watercolor portrait.

Colors Used:
French Ultramarine
Verditer Blue
Yellow Ochre
Pyrrol Scarlet
Pyrrol Orange
Quinacridone Rose
Tiger’s Eye Genuine
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Rose of Ultramarine

Step # 1 :

When you start painting put some masking fluid in the places where you want highlights & these remain white. These places will be on the nose, the eyes, and on the lower lip.

Step # 2 :

We start painting with a large bluish wash (Verditer Blue), so we add the mixed color of Yellow Ocher and Pyrrole Scarlet while the blue is still wet. The mixed color is applied on the cheeks, lips and nose. So we draw the shadows with a darker tone (be Tiger’s Eye Genuine with Verditer Blue and some Raw Sienna in wet on wet). Before it all dries promises we the light of a hard-pressed brush. Then paint dry, can be accelerated with a blow dryer.

Step # 3:

When we paint, we can ignore some of the traces if we know that the area is next to the darker. The darker color will cover the color former and the color that are at the bottom will result in a richer hue. Thus, we grind the jersey through sketching in the background (For the shirt the color Rose of Ultramarine be a good choice). At this stage we grind character traits, and makes shadows more accurate. The edges may also be softened if necessary. Start now on the lighter part of the background. First we grind small short strokes, and then we combine them with a different coloring, leaving some white dry areas on the paper. When we paint the cat moisturize we only paint where we should paint. All the details like a cat’s eyes, nose, mouth, etc. painted when the paper is dry.

Step # 4:

Now, we finished ears the darker part of the background. To create the soft edges, moisturize the part where the boundary is bright and the dark color meet. At the same time dampen much of the darker part of shadows (a choice of color mixture could be Burnt or Raw Umber with French Ultramarine). Then painted the shade behind the girl, the transition is softened with the figure. All we need now is to highlight the edges and hair texture on the girl. Then finish the job.

Article Originally Translated & Copied from: ArtX’s Blog