Maintain Your Brick Pavers all Year Round!

Pavers Repair Services

Did you know that pavers start to shift if not maintained properly?

So has it been a long time since you did any maintenance to your brick paver walk or patio isn’t it? Well not to worry even if brick pavers look worn out, dirty, or full of weedy.

So what do you do? Take a pavers repair services? Or anything else?

Not to worry given below are some tips on how you can help restore your brick paver walk, patio or driveway easily:

1. Check if there’s been any movement or settling of pavers. Repair these areas according to the paver manufacturer’s specifications. This will need digging up that particular area to confirm that the base was done correctly in the first place. If not, you’ll have bigger chore on your hands of redoing the base of that area or possibly the entire brick paver walk, patio, drive, etc.

2. Make sure you put sand into all the joints of the pavers and water down with a light spray from a garden hose. Sweep sand and water down a again to ensure joints are full of joint sand. After being dry check whether the joints are full with joint sand and move on to the next step.

3. Simply apply a joint stabilizing sealer on all the paver areas what this sealer does is hardens the sand which helps prevent water intrusion in the joints and insects digging through it or you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer or pavers repair services on how to apply a sealer. You have many options when choosing paver sealers. The sealer creates a durable barrier against liquid absorption on the paver itself. Brick paver sealers will help prevent staining and will keep your pavers looking much cleaner for a longer period of time.

Certain high end pavers have a stain resistant surface as well. Follow these instructions and repair brick paver of your patio in no time!