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Similar to the red scares and cold wars of last century, the term marxism is receiving renewed attention as capitalism enters another period of crisis.

In the early 2000s, at the beginning of a series of now commonplace recessions, hatred of “social justice warriors” naturally transitioned into an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that “cultural marxists” have infiltrated the education system to indoctrinate the youth.

Organizations like Turning Point USA opportunistically emerged and Marxism became a constant, undefined Fox News pejorative with Fox News golem President Trump finally declaring on July 4: “We are now in the process of defeating the radical…

By sending federal agents to intimidate protesters calling to defund the police, the president encouraged them not to forget the DHS

Acting undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Brian Murphy, was reassigned last Friday after The Washington Post revealed Murphy had circulated intelligence reports on journalists covering recent protests in Portland.

While swift consequences for those in power are refreshing, Murphy’s reassignment is a small gesture that will do little to alter the course and function of DHS. In fact, Monday, The Nation reported the Office of Intelligence and Analysis has been compiling data on activists, including one podcaster, in an attempt to link them to foreign powers.

DHS was officially established on January 24…

I’m a waiter. It’s the week before Christmas. The restaurant is outside. Two large screens loom above a pavilion. Today they broadcast the debate. I watch for a while, then find myself at a table taking an order from someone who repeatedly refers to me as cute.

After their food arrives I return and he says, “There needs to be better coordination between what I say and what comes to the table.. A cute face will only get you so far.” I say that’s rude. The manager takes over.

The debate continues. Bernie is ignored. Climate change is ignored. Bernie…


In the 19th century, capitalism was still forming. Royalty had lost ground to a new class of landed gentry. Merchants and aristocrats grew powerful, the invention of private property dispossessed the peasantry of their means of survival. Owners of private property became the bourgeoisie and everyone else became the proletariat, or working class, leaving homesteads for cities, trading one set of oppressive arrangements for another. “The barriers of private property, and land, and land rent were needed to ensure an adequate supply of exploitable wage labor for capital. Thus was the political economy of the old world forced to reveal…

what the ruling class fears more than anything is collective action. instead of directing your anger at every ignorant rando fox news cnn the daily show can scrounge up for ratings (and to make you feel superior) why not direct it at the cause and source. there is only one oppressor. the people w actual power responsible for the normalization of fascism over our lifetimes.

This past Sunday i was lead by a tweet to a bernie unity march from hollywood blvd to the cnn building maybe 10 blocks south. It was a lovely day in the middle of December…

Chapter 1

My hate is pure; My pen dipped in the blood of my enemy.

Propaganda is a drug, dependency on which increases w time. imagine being so wrong and so terribly, terribly culpable. the mind protects itself from the trauma of recognition, perpetuating self deception requires greater self deception. a greater hit required to achieve the same effect, protection from the threat of violent withdrawal. a psychic self defense mechanism requires you to lean on propaganda over time as cravings grow.

history came to collect a bit earlier than expected and as always found us collapsed under the weight of our…

As we the people consent to four more years of neoliberal rule with all it entails (austerity, privatization, wealth extraction, corporate control, an unserious response to climate change and police brutality, democratic decay, return to hostilities with Russia), I’d like to remember some moments from both our recent and distant past.

Over the course of the 18th Century, the New World elite, as only a class of citizens with unparallel power and resources, but under constant existential threat could, developed three ideological and rhetorical weapons they employ to this day: Racism, Nationalism and The Middle Class. No formal conspiracy required…


If what is should endure, then you are lost

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