Hello. Do you need to keep your coins in a safe place? We`re glad to announce tо you CitaBit!

What is Citabit?

CitaBit is a modern ecosystem designed to facilitate the usage of cryptocurrencies and to provide a higher level of security to all users of the platform around the world.

CitaBit is an ecosystem that simplifies cryptocurrency use, as well as providing usability and, at the same time, guaranteeing a high level of security of using cryptocurrencies by a common user. Our main priority is the security of digital assets storage — we will provide unique solutions to protect the users’ assets. Since the facts prove that many cryptocurrency projects are vulnerable to hacks, leaks, and other unfavorable actions.

And our vocation is to provide users with a safe, functional, convenient, and at the same time simple service.

We have studied the market and made some important notes on the current state of the banking segment, exchanges, and existing crypto wallets. This allowed us to find the most vulnerable parts of all those segments and find the solutions, which we are going to develop once the IEO is over.

We are not going to create another complex blockchain system from scratch, promising our investors that one day it will be on top of all of them. CitaBit’s main goal is to make it simple — to invite and involve more people in the crypto industry by offering them easy-to-use solutions that will help all users to start using cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

CitaBit is going to develop a 3-in-1 solution, allowing users to make transactions between each other, store their cryptocurrencies, use different banking services, exchange coins safely, etc.

Since IEO is the hottest new trend, we will carry out IEO on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that, after raising funds, our tokens will be immediately available for trading.

The idea of the project is supported by a deep study of all segments we are going to be involved in. CitaBit experts have carefully analyzed the results of the research before we started to act.

The growing demand for CitaBit services. CITA tokens will be used to pay fees of the CitaBit ecosystem, as well as in other methods of the project monetizing.

CitadelBit OÜ had established already. We got also licenses for activity with cryptocurrency.

Our MVP is currently under development, and will be released before the start of prime sales.

Below you can find information on the terms of the token sale.


1 May 2020 to 22 May 2020

Bonus: discount 30%. Price $0,14

IEO Round 1:

23 May 2020 to 20 June 2020

Bonus: discount 20%. Price $0,16

IEO Round 2:

21 June 2020 to 19 July 2020

Bonus: discount 10%. Price $0,18

IEO Round 3:

20 July 2020 to 17 August 2020

Price $0,20

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CitaBit is a modern ecosystem designed to facilitate the usage of cryptocurrencies and to provide a higher level of security to all users of the platform.

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