Fool Chan
Rick Wilson

Let’s review some evidence shall we?

  1. The report contains spelling errors of company names, which is highly irregular
  2. The report contains entirely inaccurate geographical information about Moscow. Do super secret spies make these kinds of errors?
  3. We have 4chan posts documented to have sent you the ‘scoop’ on the sex parties in October, and while you say that you had it before this time, you have produced zero evidence of that. Furthermore, the original troll used imagery of golden showers based entirely off the fact that your perverted son has online messages about such activities from when he was involved in a call-girl business.
  4. You worked with perennial loser Evan McMullin (also known as Eggy McCuckin) an ex-cia janitor, and have close ties to dementia-ridden senator John McCain, from whence these stories entered high echelons.
  5. You have shown an incredible amount of idiocy and unprofessionalism throughout the year, being triggered by Trump into embaressing live TV outbursts, while 4chan has routinely made you act even more like a clown.

Rick, you are truly a cuckold, and you were trolled in one of the most hilarious and epic public humiliations of the century so far. You will lose all credibility after this (and the original writer of this fiction you passed on is in discussions with lawyers to have the evidence to that effect made public). Buzzfeed will be sued for libel and crash like Gawker did. You will wake up alone after your wife leaves you, and there on Fox News will be the smiling face of Donald Trum, YOUR PRESIDENT FOR 8 YEARS.

Happy trails, ricky.

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