How Crappy Yellow Legal Pads Saved My Note Taking Habit

I recently started a new podcast called Scott’s Short Stories every episode is less than 3 minutes because that’s a limitation of the platform. It’s cool because they make it super simple to publish short audio podcasts. I record most episodes on my phone, because all you need to do to publish a new episode is to email to Briefs. My last podcast “Leverage” never had more than 5 episodes and only lasted about 2 months. But with Briefs I’ve already recorded 13 episodes.

My most popular episode has been “How Crappy Yellow Legal Pads Saved My Note Taking Habit” check it out.

Summary: With expensive Moleskine notebooks I never write anything in them, because it needed to be important. Yellow legal pads are cheap and disposable so I’ll write anything in them. I take a lot more notes now. Note taking is important because you’re more engaged in what you're learning or thinking about. We remember more information if we write it down; rather than typing it on some device.

I’m going to #microconf in Las Vegas in April. Let me know if you’re coming. I’ve got a little gift I’m bringing for all 300 of my friends.

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