Citadel NFTs- Show your NFTs on Twitter in 5 seconds, for free!

We integrate directly from OpenSea to allow anyone to show off their NFT collection on Twitter through an open source free Chrome Extension.

Claim your place in the crypto Citadel-

Lots of integrations of influencers and celebrities

We built this product because we believe that having to find the NFTs of your friends, influencers, and celebrities should be easier, as it is currently very hard to find the Ethereum addresses of individuals on OpenSea.

Additionally, using this extension you can immediately know the NFT value of the entire inventory belonging to the account you are viewing.

With time we want to grow our userbase so that people can easily view the NFTs of their friends, directly on Twitter and completely for free.

It is important to emphasize that the project is completely open sourced, and asks for very low permissions (we just need twitter usernames + viewing ETH addresses).

Currently, we are working on many cool features such as:

  • Awards- displayed directly on Twitter accounts, which will be mostly based on merit (first people to download the extension, people who write reviews about the extension, people holding certain NFT collections)
  • Private groups- we will allow users to integrate custom groups which will be displayed directly on Twitter profiles and allow up to a certain amount of users to join their group (by the group owner’s permissions)

How to use the extension —

  1. Download it using Chrome or Brave browsers

2. Click on the extensions tab and select it

3. Provide permissions to view your Twitter username

4. Provide Permissions to view ETH address via Metamask

5. Go to your profile and see the magic!



Show your NFTs directly on Twitter, for free!

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