Re-design your office into an efficient workspace

Gone are the times when offices were boxy and cubicled. Given that the average professional spends a third of their time in office, the space ought to be one that can inspire ideas as well as a space where fun and creativity can co-exist with business and productivity.

Here’s how companies are challenging traditional work ideas and breathing fresh air into their work hours:

Sweeping traditional cubicles and partitions away

If there is one thing that changed ever since the start-up culture took hold of the economy, it is this — no cubicles. The concepts of privacy, hierarchy and cabin-culture have slowly grown outdated with the new influx of millennials in the workforce. Open, airy spaces, unconventional seating setups such as bean-bags and couches, DIY pantries, fresh pastel colours are the new waves of change slowly taking root.

Open, democratic places with lesser barriers

Democracy-based merit seems to be replacing archaic hierarchies, thereby encouraging employees to get innovative and think out of the box. The workplace has now evolved from being a place of toil to one which is an extension of the employees’ lives, a place to bond with colleagues and create wealth together.

Originally Published at: Citadel Blog — Commercial Space Redesigning Tips