Jack Posobiec Triggers Intolerant Climate Change Hoax Communists Outside White House

WASHINGTON, DC — Jack Posobiec, Washington Bureau Chief for Rebel Media, exposed the Peoples Climate March in Washington, DC, on Saturday showing his 3,000 live viewers on Periscope how the Left is using the global warming hoax as a means to go full-blown communist.

Jack Posobiec resists the fake resistance when told to get off the public street during the People’s Climate March in Washington DC on Saturday, Apr. 29, 2017

In his live broadcast, Posobiec showed his viewers Climate-change protestors marching along streets outside the White House, embracing Soviet-era communist propaganda (flags, slogans and anti-American sentiment), while chanting “Shut it down” in reference to American government — including the very welfare system by which many of them (including illegals) receive their income.

Posobiec worked his way toward the belligerent carnival barkers in the center of the march, and then convinced the organizers to give him a chance at the mic. Once the mic was in his hand, he turned the whole fake Climate-change message onto the protesting mob, yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

Angry SJWs were not pleased and immediately grabbed the mic from Jack with full visceral display of intolerance and near epileptic hate. He was immediately seized upon by a small brigade of Leftist feminist goons who told him to get off the public street — saying he had no right to counter-protest their deceptive Climate-change march.

See for yourself the violence and lunacy of the Left in Posobiec’s Periscope broadcast at the following link (at 18:25):

<a href=”https://www.pscp.tv/w/a9N5HDFtTUVQdm1EZFlBS0d8MWdxR3Zid1dtV2FHQgdfUEhTjHMcCpopjwksBmh-ZpE4wKJx9pFvQKsfsTZQ">www.pscp.tv</a>