Have you ever met a cool, nice dude who looks so fine? Everything about him is just in order — not too much, not too few. Well, that was my first impression towards Delft.

This dude was quite geek, like he would give you the bittersweet of being (overly) educated. No sign of wild parties on TGIFs, maybe a little bit boring but still, I was impressed.

Some pints of beer would be okay, but spinning DJs, umh, I don’t think so.

This guy looked expensive as well, riding polished bike, wearing latest trend of canvas backpack and sneakers. No wonder he was not so keen on using public transportation — it was fairly pricy.

That day Delft introduced me to his surroundings. That’s the famous library, with Telletubbies hill. So his most popular attraction is where people spending times on books and works. Then we continued to his university complex which reminded me a lot of my previous campus in my hometown. What a feeling.

Apparently, he was quite moody. His mood could turn upside down in a blink of an eye. It felt like this second he blew hard and pushed me several steps backward, and the next second he smiled so bright like summer sunshine.

Like I said, everything about Delft was “fairly enough”. He also has an artsy side of him — maybe you could recall the blue and white crafted porcelain? Yes, it is his works and sold all over Netherlands. The bottom line is, he was a nice guy with good vibe and energy.

To sum up, Delft to me was like the boy next-door who was raised properly by his rich parents to be a sweet, young educated man who has good taste in arts and lifestyle. I don’t mind staying with him for some times (it gave me goosebumps and feeling blue), but I know it’s not for a long-term. But for sure, it was a good time and I’ll come back to visit him again!

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