Attending the Conference of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

Citizen Endo
Jun 18 · 4 min read

Earlier this month, our team at Citizen Endo traveled to Colorado Springs to attend the 23rd Biennial Conference of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (SMCR)! The conference consisted of keynote presentations, panels, plenaries, and several concurrent sessions and workshops. A graphic recorder and facilitator, ConverSketch, attended the conference, providing a great way visualize the discussions. Below is a brief summarization of several talks and sessions at the conference, including some of the graphic recordings!

Keynote presentation by Chris Bobel: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Menstruation”

Panel from the Menstrual Health and Gender Justice Working Group: “Politics of Data: Parsing the Promises and Perils of Evidence-driven Menstrual Cycle Studies”

Moderated by Inga Winkler. Panel included Lauren Houghton, Caitlin Gruer, Vanessa Paranjothy, and Phendo creator, Noémie Elhadad

Concurrent Session 1.1: “Transgender Menstruation”

Presentations by Rajasi Kulkarni Diwakar, Decker Dunlop, Rachel Fikslin, and Klara Rydström

Concurrent Session 1.3: “Menstruation & Education”

Presentation “ A PERIODical Review of Menstrual Health Education in Australia” by Dr. Mike Armour

Concurrent Session 2.1: “Menstrual Disorders”

Presentation “The Wandering Womb: Lasting Implications of Hysteria on Endometriosis” by Heather Guidone

Concurrent Workshop 2.3: “The Future is FemTech? Keeping Track of the Issues of a Booming Industry”

Moderated by Amanda Laird. Panel included Amanda Cormier, Holly Grigg-Spall, Nicole Jardim, and Ann Mullen

This summarization only covers part of the conference, as there was too much to put into one post! Other topics included menopause, menstrual taboos, hormone replacement therapy, and more. If you are interested in reading the conference and abstract programs visit

To read our live-tweets from the conference (June 6–8, 2019), go to our twitter page here. Other twitter accounts that live-tweeted throughout the conference are here and here.

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