Mikhail Kulakov

Founder of @weavora (team passionate about big data), @everhour (helping data driven teams to measure their Trello/Asana/Github tasks)

Balsamiq 101: Wireframe quickly & effectively

Smart tricks to help you increase your productivity

As a product owner at a tech startup (Everhour), I need to…

Quick cohort analysis in a startup

I guess many of you guys have heard of such a term as a “cohort analysis”.

The high level problem we are talking here is that every day, the entire audience of your startup is a mix of users signed up yesterday, today and last week. And it is not correct to analyse their behaviour in a bulk trying to discover certain patterns. That’s…

Balsamiq 101: Wireframe quickly & effectively

Smart tricks to help you increase your productivity

As a product owner at a tech startup (Everhour), I need to…

Save time & money in your startup

Personal experience of launching the web app and applying the validated learning principle

Every single startup inevitably goes through a huge uncertainty of not knowing if the product will actually make it.

The first product version represents just your own and your team’s vision of the problem and…

Our marketing month: $700 spent, 4k new visitors, 500 signups

What is the most important thing to have for any SaaS startup? It’s definitely users. If there are no customers, the whole point of starting a company is lost.

At a certain stage of development, most businesses begin to get consistent organic traffic. It’s that moment when you no longer work for a…

13 ideas for a team building

Our small team (weavora) feels like a big family for each of us, and like every family we have special traditions. Their major purpose — make us all stick together and stay connected.

We’ve tried everything below. So, if you’re looking for ways to get more tight-knit with your own team, you can totally try this out.

Startup Manifesto

Our company manifesto

Do you have one?

I believe that a good manifesto acts as a reference point for assigning priorities to tasks and activities, making deliberated and reasonable decisions and behaving in the company’s best interests. By creating your manifesto, you make sure that all the team members are on the same page with you and…

How to choose the best proposal

In this article I would like to talk about approach in estimation process and how to drill it down. The problem is equally relevant both for customers and vendors.

Very often customers ask for a proposal from several providers at the same time to compare and then make their final decision. The reality is that very often price factor plays a…

Fixed price or hourly?

Pros and cons

Every agency has its own preferences regarding work methodology and payment method. There are two typical options: by hourly rate or fixed budget. Both methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. All this nuances affects the process and each must be approached differently. We often try to be very flexible with our clients and…

Time Tracking Could Be Fun

Who needs time tracking & how to make it fun?

Time tracking could be fun

Micromanagement drawbacks

I think many of you have faced with the problem of micromanagement when someone exposes you to excessive control, trying to know your every single step and be aware of everything. This is not always done with malicious intent, sometimes people just do not understand the consequences and from their point of view it should help. Everything has its own edge. Lets talk…