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In IT, people quite often have to deal with overtimes:

  • a project has swelled out of proportion;
  • someone got their estimates wrong;
  • the client has an important deadline;
  • we have to test our MVP fast;
  • a competitor has this feature…

While it can be an opportunity for additional compensation or greater schedule flexibility, I’m convinced it’s never a good idea in the long-term.

We do not practice overtimes at Everhour although we serve more than 3,000 companies from 70 countries.

Like other companies, we are growing, have to solve scalability problems, we experience bugs and downtimes, constantly release new features. But still, we have enough time for everything. There are 16 people in our team now (while there were only 7 last year, when we reached our first significant milestone — $1MM…

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In this article, I’ll give some tips on how to quickly make a high-quality GIF file and explain why this can be useful.

Gifs is a very good approach to storytelling.

In Everhour, we practice a monthly digest email to all our customers in which we briefly describe what was changed/improved in the product over the past month.

Title + gif image + maximum of two sentences per feature. Whereas short (under 10 secs) and straight to the point GIF is our primary focus. Why?

People are very busy. Hundreds of emails fall to their Inbox every day and they simply don’t have enough time for a long read. Although they certainly want to be in the know.

We value their time and prepare an email that can be scanned really quickly and, at the same time, help the client to instantly learn about the new stuff. …

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Hello everyone,

In this article, I’m going to share (and ask others to contribute) to my experience of growing a SaaS company. To make it even more useful, I’d like to split bits of advice based on a certain stage of the company growth. My opinion, the tips are usually differ depending on it.

If you read this article and have something to share, please, leave a comment in a similar manner below. Let me start with myself, as an example.

Author: Mike Kulakov
Role: Co-founder, product owner
Product: Everhour (Time and expenses tracking software)
Stage: $1.5M+ …


Mike Kulakov

Co-Founder, Product at Everhour

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