We allow students to build cultural competencies while engaging in research on entrepreneurial ecosystems through small businesses in their local communities. …

The Creative Research Competition (CRC) is an opportunity for community college students to engage in research and to be recognized in the process. Matching the global pandemic and the drastic changes in peoples’ lives, the 2021 Theme for the Creative Research Competition is centered on COVID-19. …

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Explorers Program (CEEP) is built on values of pushing students to explore aspects of research, entrepreneurship, as well as their community that they had previously not known. The centerpiece of this process is the idea of research-as-teaching.

Online teacher professional learning

Research-as-teaching is a way of teaching students by immersing them…

— Veronica Asmah


ZIPCODE: 10468

Veronica interviewed several fashion apparel businesses to analyze how COVID has affected their business and how they have navigated their way financially through the pandemic. Her research question was centered around the specific techniques and strategies used to stay afloat during the pandemic. She noted…

Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program

Changing the way business students connect to local neighborhoods and affect change.

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