I have a brilliant cousin, Micol Hebron.

She is an artist and a professor at Chapman University. She has built an incredible community on Facebook, and it allowed her to crowd source some critically important work, the Gallery Tally Project. Recently however, Facebook banned her for 30 days (the second or third time, I’ve lost count) because someone reported her posts as being inappropriate because of nudity. Nudity that was depicted in works of art. Because BODIES ARE OFFENSIVE ESPECIALLY FEMALE BODIES OMG. Meanwhile, bullying, harassing, stereotyping, triggering words and images are allowed to run rampant on Facebook, depicting violence, racism, misogyny, and Donald Trump.

Today Nico and I went to the New Mexico Museum of Art to see her work that is being exhibited there. Her sister Siobhan Hebron, and my cousin (that’s how it works!), is also represented. So get with it Facebook, #allbodiesaregoodbodies.

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