How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

Oh, Steven Levy, this rings true on SO MANY fronts not the least of which is my being on a job search presently, and your mention of Botox. (Which, I always say, the only problem with Botox is that it works.) Full disclosure, I am 44.

Agree: ageism in all industries is a problem, but is most noticeable/egregious in tech, and I started my career in Hollywood.

Suggestion: mentoring UP. One way to connect older and younger workers is to have the younger ones mentor up. Many Xers and the Boomers will mentor reflexively, but could use new skills and relationships that the younger cohort can provide. I think this starts from the leadership, and is company wide, facilitated by HR. Lots of opportunity here.

Of note: government and politics is one place where experience and age is valued, AND young folks are running the offices, and often the campaigns. See Robby Mook.

Let’s keep talking.

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