You Work for Me: A Letter to My Representative

Dear Representative Huffman,

Here is what a small act of political courage looks like. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said, into a microphone, “Congress’ silence in the face of this rash of mass shootings has become complicity. We are essentially sending a message of quiet endorsement of these murders.” My only disagreement with his statement is that Congress’ endorsement isn’t so quiet. In fact, it’s enthusiastic. Are you willing to say publicly that Congress is complicit in the gun deaths of Americans? Because if you don’t, you are part of the problem.

Questions below for you that I would like answered in a timely fashion. I will be able to judge how seriously you take this issue by counting the number of Americans who died by guns in the time between you receive this, and your answer, so immediacy is appreciated. Actual lives are at stake:

Do you have a plan for gun control legislation? What gun control bills have you written or do you co-sponsor? What is the status of any of those bills? If they are languishing, why? Do you have a staffer assigned to gun control legislation drafting, oversight, and votes? If not, why?

You have a real leadership opportunity here. Please take it.

Justine Hebron