The speculative-fiction webzine The Future Fire (TFF) celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2015. It does so in grand style, with a planned anthology (which you can help become reality), a blog carnival tour and lots of memories of possible futures.

Le webzine anglais de littératures de l’imaginaire The Future Fire (TFF) célèbre ses 10 ans en 2015. Voici une excellente opportunité pour revenir sur quelques-uns des auteurs qui ont fait sa renommée! C’est ainsi que j’ai eu le plaisir d’une entre-vue avec James Bennett, écrivain britannique spécialisé dans le genre fantastique.

Zschokke & I / Cécile Matthey

Six generations

Six generations stand between my great-great-great-great-grandfather Heinrich Zschokke (1771-1848) and myself.

The descendants of Heinrich and his wife Nanny (more than 800 of them are alive today) are spread over at least four continents, if not all five. Some of them, like myself, still live in Switzerland.

Heinrich Zschokke is now honoured by an exhibition in his beloved city of Aarau, in the building that was Switzerland’s first Federal Palace, until June the 30th (after which date, the exhibition will move to Basel for the Summer). …


She gently pushed at me with her horn. By now, I knew just enough about her to understand, and took a small step away from her calf. That's all she was worried about.

Well, not really... She was also looking for a piece of fruit (a banana, if I recall correctly) that I had hidden on my person.

This was our little morning ritual: I would take her out with her calf, despite the freezing cold, because they both needed whatever exercise they could get. Even if only for a couple of hours, before spring came. And she would follow…


Some things you never forget. Like for instance.

That was the first URL of the nascent World Wide Web, some 20 years ago. Actually, it was an alias, like Tim Berners-Lee explains himself. And being the first of its kind, it naturally had to go to some length to explain what the World Wide Web actually was.

For us, quickly became our point of entry into a brave new world, a window opening our minds to a wealth of information almost unimaginable before.

That first URL was rather superseded by other points of entry, like the nascent Yahoo…

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