6 Reasons Why You Need to Try Dodgeball

Author Brian Roth takes one in the junk for the team. Image courtesy Allison Knight, World Dodgeball Society.
  1. You’re tired of spending your nights swiping left and right. Plenty of my friends, especially girls, sign up to meet someone. And I know of a couple of dodgeball first dates that led to marriages. (Or course, I also know of more than a few that led to awkward breakups, but hey, that’s your risk to take.)
  2. You like exercise, but hate the gym. Turns out that running, jumping, and throwing non-stop for an hour is an intense workout. No matter your skill level, you’ll be surprised at how much you sweat.
  3. You never wear that 1988 Bon Jovi concert or Golden Girls t-shirt in the bottom of your closet, but can’t bring yourself to drop them at Goodwill. Look no further. They finally have a home on the dodgeball court.
  4. You like making lifelong friends. Most folks I know who play dodgeball have ended up making some of their closest friends as a result.
  5. You’re most at home in full costume. You can literally wear anything (see hotdog and dinosaur suited players below) and will be welcomed with open arms.
  6. Even if you have the athletic prowess of Tina from Bob’s Burgers, there’s a place for you in dodgeball. “It took some time to accept the fact that I can’t catch and I can’t throw…but I can dodge!” says Sonie Haneline, a frequent LA-based dodgeballer.

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Words by Brian Roth, story original published on Citizine.tv.

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