How to really fight terrorism.

Honestly you wanna know? By not being their terror agent.

I’ve saved your time by not reading

Yes, I am serious. If you know firsthand that a terror is happening: Just stop sharing. Think.

Terrorists are nothing without us. They blast themselves for what? To prove a point? To kill 20 people? 100 people? No matter how bad it is, beyond that point, it means nothing.

You (Yes, You!) in the other hand are something else.

With your gadget, your hi-end camera, your mobile phones, you are the real target because of your ability to influence. No matter how small your circle is, you are an influence to your family and friends, at the least.

So stop sharing the aftermath of a terror! (Yea like a picture of somebody blows a head off!)

You can pray, you can fight, you can condemn, you can inform others to stay vigilant but one thing you can’t do is to give stage to terrorist.

The TV, websites and newspapers will air it since they want to inform. But any excessive reporting/coverage will harm than being useful (And probably they want ratings for advertiser’s money). But we can turn off the TV, report post on facebook, we don’t give air ratings to their sessions, we don’t give clicks, likes or video views.

That’s what they want and we are not giving them what they want!

I imagine a future world that sees a terrorist like just a regular criminal that hurts people.

You do that and a terror eventually means nothing.

Nobody want to do anything for nothing.

That’s how you truly fight terrorism.