If I do at least 200 squats a day for 10 days, will I see any results in my butt?

For many people, how you look from behind is just as important as how good you look when facing the mirror. There is much talk being bandied about how squats can make your butt look better but the honest truth is that there is not much you can do with the shape and size of your butt without cosmetic intervention a.k.a. surgery. In addition, your genetics plays a huge role in your butt appearance as well as your lifestyle. For instance, if you like to sit for extended periods, you will get flabby — not just your behind but all parts of your body as well.

Sure, squats will help firm your butt and remove excess fats and possibly cellulite resulting in a toned rear but it is possible that too many squats in a day can lead to injury from overtraining especially if you did not allow for a gradual build-up.

Sadly, there are no quick fixes when you want to improve physically. You need to allow for your body to adjust to a new routine, have the determination and discipline to stick to your routine, eat and sleep properly, and not stick to one type of exercise.

Another factor that affects your butt appearance is your lifestyle as a child through teenage years. If you exercised regularly, the development of your butt is more graceful and natural because of the toning and exercise you did all those years. Furthermore, it’s easier for you to tone your glutes as an adult.

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This does not mean all is hopeless. Squats can help not just improve the strength and firmness of your butt but doing squats will also help you stand taller, have stronger lower body joints, and improved balance.

You can also improve your butt by doing other exercises like lunges and leg lifts. Other helpful tips include:

  • Work on shrinking your waistline to make your butt look sexier and plumper
  • Watch your fat intake since the butt is made up mostly of fatty tissues
  • If you feel your butt is too fatty, start running and doing cardio drills
  • Work on your legs. The more toned your legs are, the more attractive your butt will look

Finally, trying to do 200 squats every day for 10 days can make you prone to the dreaded butt wink. The butt wink is bad for the lower back and will cause you pain from excessive pelvic tilting and backward rotation. A better idea would be to establish a training routine that you can faithfully stick to for months coupled with a lifestyle that does not reverse all that hard work you do when working out.

If your hip is sore after 200 squats, I’ve found a great video that explains how to relief stress in your hips using a foam roller:


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