In any given moment, is it ever possible to feel happier lost in thought than being mindful and present?

When I meditate, I don’t “try” to be present.

I don’t “try” to block out my thoughts. I let them come to me.

If I feel sad, then that’s where I start. If I feel stressed, then that’s where I start.

There’s a probably a reason on why I’m feeling a certain way in a certain moment. Then, that’s what I will explore.

I let the emotion flow through me and I let the emotion go.

I don’t try to hold onto any negative emotions (sadness, hatred, stress, depression).

My job is to simply observe, play with them and let them pass.

How does that relate to your question?

If you feel happy being lost in thought, then by all means — please do.

Do whatever that brings your mind joy.

There’s a famous quote which I think applies here:

If your mind likes to be lost in thought today, then just let it be.

Enjoy it.

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Happy meditating.


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