Is it better to get a cross training shoe or a running shoe if you run, row, and workout?

Running, rowing, and doing workouts in a gym are three different kinds of exercise. Running works out the legs, rowing is for upper body strength and legs, and a gym workout can be a complete body fitness program or specific to problem areas.

If you want to buy just one pair of exercise shoes, get cross trainers. Running shoes offer arch support and heel cushioning which are important when you’re running because your body weight lands repeatedly on the heels of your feet. However, you need more than heel cushioning for your other physical activities.

Cross trainers have the heel cushioning and the forefoot cushioning plus the stability of basketball shoes making it the perfect all-around training shoe.

In addition, cross training shoes lets you do all three types of exercises in one session — if you so wish.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

Cross trainers are also less thick in the sole section making it lighter than running shoes. This makes it perfect for the rowing machine. In fact, cross trainers are the type of shoes most recommended for rowing machines and working out in the gym.

On the other hand, if you can afford it and you plan to do your running on different days from your rowing and workout, get a pair of running shoes. The logic behind this is you won’t wear out your training shoes quickly which are generally more expensive than running shoes. Thus, both pairs will enjoy a longer life span and not get worn out within months.

In case you’re curious, should you get special gym or rowing shoes and use it for running? Definitely no. This is because gym or weightlifting shoes are heavier and harder. Running with them will eventually cause injury. They are more for stability when lifting heavy weights and balance when shifting weight while carrying loads. Rowing shoes, on the other hand, are softer and offer no real support.

If your muscles hurt after workout, I would recommend you to use a foam roller to speed up your recovery.

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