What are some workout motivational images?

Informative, inspirational, encouraging, and persistent — these are just some of the ideas you need to keep in mind when you look for workout motivational images. Informative refers to instructional posters and helpful tips on a proper workout. For example, a great workout image would give you tips on better form. Form is crucial to training because the wrong form can be disastrous for your body in the long run and cause you to be at risk for injury.

A very popular motivational image for people who work-out is one of a famous bodybuilder like Schwarzenegger (old school) or Jay Cutler and Triple H who have made $30 million and $25 million respectively chasing their dream of building their bodies and competing in international competitions. When choosing a celebrity image, it is important that you study the lifestyle of the person because there are many bodybuilders who achieve their shape and size by taking steroids or banned substances. The recent death of 46-year old bodybuilder Rich Piana who admitted to injecting himself with steroid for 30 years before going into a coma after an overdose is a classic example of what not to be motivated by.

Another great workout motivational image is an affirmation that you can relate to. Affirmations are statements of support or encouragement like “I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.”

The affirmation you choose can refer to the actual work you have to do to build your body, strength, and stamina — or the push you need to keep going even when you are not in the mood or the weather is better suited for a nice sleep-in.

You got this, chalk, message and pavement HD photo by sydney zentz (@srz) on Unsplash

The keys to a great motivational image are relevance, consistency, and impact. Fortunately, you can and should change your motivational images as you mature and improve so the images never grow old, blasé, or boring.

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