What three core exercises should I do every day to strengthen my back and prevent lower back pain?

Your midsection is your core and it is crucial to improve on this part of your body because you use it for almost everymovement you make especially anything related to stability, endurance, and balance.

There are many different core exercises that you can do to strengthen your back and prevent lower back pain like squats but in my book, the top 3 choices would have to be:

1. Walking plank — It’s a plank drill but with a twist. You have to start in a high plank and alternately lower your body by bending one elbow at a time and straightening the elbow while maintaining the plank position. This is tough exercise and to maximize benefits, keep core muscles tight and repeat in 6 cycles of 8. You can increase the difficulty level by placing a ball under your forearms.

2. Sprinter crunch — Imagine yourself lying down on the floor, face up and doing the cycling motion. This is basically what you will be doing with the sprinter crunch. Alternately, bring up one leg while moving your opposite arm so your elbow touches your knee and repeat. Again, as with all core exercises, it is important to keep your abdominal area tight by pulling in your core muscles and relaxing them only between cycles.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

3. Hip lifts — This is included among the top 3 exercises for back and core strength because it is an effective low impact exercise that will also tighten your butt. The key to doing this exercise for maximum benefit is making sure you use your core strength to lift your midsection away from the floor instead of relying on your arms or legs. You should also be able to hold the upward position for at least 10 seconds and never abruptly fall back to the ground.

If your muscles hurt after workout, I would recommend you to use a foam roller to spend up your recovery.

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