$PABLO, the rebirth

After several weeks of thought, we decided to stop the current project which is a fork of Universe Money.

We have decided to take over the project in our own way, always keeping as main value proposition: passive income.

The rebirth

To relaunch Medellín City, We will set up different actions and modify the functioning of the project:

  • there will now be a buy and sell tax: 13% for buys and 18% for sells, it allows to propose a high return and a protection of the project;
  • Risk-Free Value: will carry out buy backs under certain conditions that we will specify, this RFV will be fed by the taxes of purchase and sale;
  • we will remove all taxes related to NFTs (creation, composition and claim), we do not want to penalize our NFT investors, they are the heart of the project;
  • we will keep La Catedral to allow you to deliver dealers;
  • you will also be able to bring us your dealers, we will buy them back to burn them according to the balance that La Catedral has. There will be a significant discount on redemption so as not to compete with the secondary market on TofuNFT;
  • we will keep the Smart Daily Limit that we will adjust as the project progresses;
  • We will gradually increase the minimum time before you can compound or claim: 4 hours the first day, 8 hours the next two days and then 24 hours;
  • the emissions will be reworked always with the aim of sustainability;
  • the value of NFTs can be affected both up and down.

Utility of $PABLO trading fees

  • 40% of the trading fees is directed to the RFV which helps sustain.
  • 30% of the trading fees goes to backing the liquidity of the PABLO/DAI.E pair on TraderJoe ensuring an ever-increasing collateral value of $PABLO.
  • 30% of the trading fees goes directly to the team which provides a marketing budget for Medellín City and funds new project and product development.

Why will it be more sustainable?

We believe that one of the main problems with our model are the swing traders. Indeed, the passive income intended for NFTs is ultimately recovered by these swing traders.

Several features will allow us to be more sustainable:

  • purchase and sales taxes that will build up a reserve of funds that includes the RFV;
  • the RFV that will allow to maintain a price in case of dump;
  • the inverse bonding of NFTs that will reduce the daily emission of $PABLO;
  • the reduction of the APR, we will go from 4% + 4% bonus to 1% + 2% bonus;
  • the value of NFTs can be affected both up and down and this will cause issues to fall and buying pressure to increase.

The value of your NFTs

The value of NFTs can be affected both up and down.

Currently, if you compound, the value of your NFT increases. And if you claim, the value of your NFT does not change.

Today we are introducing a new rule that will impact the value of your NFT:

  • Compound: the value of your NFT increases by adding the initial value to the compounded value;
  • Claim: the value of your NFT decreases by subtracting the initial value from the claimed value;
  • Transfer: the value of your NFT decreases by 10%.

These improvements also improve the sustainability of the project. Indeed, NFTs can be bought and sold on a secondary market beyond our control and this has a negative impact on the $PABLO token.

We remain flexible on these new rules which can be reviewed when we have our own marketplace.

Why trust us?

We didn’t invent anything, actually. We tried to take the best of different projects:

  • Node / Universe Money: the NFT as a passive revenue generator and as a tradable asset;
  • OHM: Bonding, Inverse Bonds and RFV;
  • Titano: Taxes and RFV.

We have been working on the sustainability of the project and we believe that $PABLO V2 is the solution.

Finally, we are no longer a Universe Money fork, we are $PABLO.

What’s next ?

This launch will take place in several steps throughout the week.

First, we will recover the remaining liquidity, and several actions will be performed:

  • blocking purchases and sales to prevent people from buying at low prices during the migration;
  • mint of $PABLO v1 to recover the liquidity.

Then, we will provide you with an interface that will allow you to exchange your $PABLO v1 for $PABLO v2.

We would like to thank all those who are present and have kept $PABLO.
The ratio will be 1 $PABLO v1 for 1.1 $PABLO v2.

For example, if you have 1,000 $PABLO v1 and you make the exchange, you will receive 1,100 $PABLO v2.

You will be able to exchange $PABLO v1 for $PABLO v2 after the liquidity is added. We can’t give it to you in advance because the project has to initialize the addition of the first liquidity so that the price is the same as when the liquidity is recovered.

Finally, the team has accumulated since the beginning approximately 3,300,000,000 $PABLO v1 as fees. The team will put these $PABLO back into La Catedral and we will give you the opportunity to acquire dealers at a 50% discount from the current price. All the $AVAX collected will go directly into our RFV and all the $PABLO v1 not sold will be burned.

We are committed to using the RFV to support the token price in order to meet our value proposition: passive income.


  • March 14, 2022: Blocking purchases and sales, recover the liquidity, added team fees tokens in La Catedral, update of the documentation and beginning of marketing.
  • March 17, 2022: burn of the remaining tokens of La Catedral and sending of the $AVAX in the RFV and blocking the possibility of claim on the NFT.
  • March 21, 2022 around 9 pm UTC: Launch of $PABLO v2.

Next steps

We unveil our roadmap for the medium term:

  • the revelation of the NFT;
  • we will be able to be referenced on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap;
  • we will put the possibility to claim your passive income directly in stable coin;
  • a Play-to-Earn is planned with the current NFT and $PABLO as gas token;
  • we will work with other teams to set up automated investment strategies for funds to grow.

We count on you, be ready for this renewal of the Medellín Cartel!



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