Yield360 | protocol for a trust-less rewards system

Yield360 will be the protocol that can facilitate the generation of rewards within a reward system like airmiles and other reward systems in a way that is completely trust-less and decentralized, while also offering additional perks such as an interest rate or rebate on earned rewards.

What if you were able to earn interest on your rewards points? And what if this interest could be compounded to give you even more value? A portable reward protocol that can generate rewards for participants on a multitude of DAPPS and allow their ROI to compound, Yield360 is excited to bring all these features and announces their ICO.

The Yield360 protocol has been designed to be implemented in any Smart Contract System to create a reward system. The reward systems created through the Yield360 protocol are growing in popularity as individuals and businesses become aware of the impact that can be made by contributing to their success. You too can start giving you the confidence you need to know that your token will grow in value over time, but also become part of one of the special projects within these rewards organisations and experience an indirect increase in your income.

What is Yield360Protocol? Yield360Protocol is a decentralized protocol that uses blockchain technology to link together several third-party systems and applications, including many different reward system. With this protocol, there will be a Smart Contract that allows people who are in the same ecosystem as you to help you earn profits.

Ever thought about saving your pennies for longer periods, at a decent interest rate? With Yield360, the answer becomes Yes. We are the first decentralized protocol that allows users to retain complete control over their earnings and empower them with full ownership of their data and monetary holdings.

This protocol uses smart contracts to generate rewards for businesses and participants and can ultimately offer much greater returns from existing online reward systems than they’re currently providing. For more information on smart contracts, check out our blog post, “Introducing Smart Contracts: An In Depth Look”.

Joby Jacob is the founder and CEO of YieldCoin. He also founded Joby Aviation which has successfully crowdfunded over $100 million dollars in both traditional debt and equity funding rounds along with receiving numerous government grants.

This protocol can be used in many ways and is a step in the right direction for cryptocurrency to get more mainstream and global.

Yield360 is a protocol that can facilitate the generation of rewards within a reward system of many different types and earn interest for participants through a series of smart contracts. These smart contracts can connect to other smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yield360 is a protocol that sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It can facilitate the generation of rewards within a reward system of many different types and earn interest for participants through a series of smart contracts, called Vaults. Vaults are able to save 60 times more funds in a more efficient manner compared to today’s standard. And the contracts in the Vault network take up less than 1kb per month and cost less than $0.20 per year to maintain.

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