7 co-working spaces that are changing the way Mumbai works

If you are a freelancer or a start-up in its seminal stage, you know the woe of not finding a space where you can work, brainstorm, and self-actualize. With real estate prices in Mumbai being astronomical, working from home may seem enticing, but we all know how that ends. The best case scenarios teeter between you consuming an inordinate amount of food, or giving in to the comfort of those bean bag naps, or worse yet partaking of a certain fizzy beverage which feels like heaven on hot afternoons.

So yes, suffice it to say, working from home is not your best option.

If you truly want to focus, be served coffee that will keep you charged up, and be in an environment that is conducive to getting some real work done, we are going to prescribe you just what you need. 
Mumbai has caught up to the life-saving phenomenon of sharing workspaces. Also known as co-working spaces, these are great places to network, meet prospective clients, and spend dedicated hours with your team, or alone, pondering over the very many conundrums you are bound to come across.

So, if you haven’t already, sign up with one and just make your life simpler!

OF10 functions by the philosophy of furnishing a space for jet-setting millennials to probe, ponder, confab, excogitate and come up with an idea that will change the world. If you are creative and passionate, get connected with OF10
A space that will foster innovation and fuel your originality, OF10 offers co-working spaces to inspired individuals with all those million dollar ideas. What’s more, they offer everything one could possibly hope for at a workplace. 
They also organise myriad educational seminars to help their members learn new skills.

Sign up: Call them to know more (097696 40026)
Where: Hiranandani Gardens, Powai

Aptly named 91Springboard, get catapulted to the heights you envisioned for your company with these guys. Here, find an eco-system of eclectic as well as like-minded individuals, working endlessly and symbiotically. A cafe to fuel you, scanners, printers and photocopy machines, high-speed internet, conference rooms, and the other usual suspects found in an ideal workplace, figure into their vision for you, needless to say. 
Find yourself networking with everyone from potential investors to prospective partners. As if all this wasn’t already enough they also host edifying events for their members.

Sign up: Contact them to find out (+919015419191)
Where: Andheri (E), Lower Parel

Khar Social may moonlight as one of the trendiest bars in town, but by the day the top floor is strictly reserved for officious purposes. Endless cups of coffee, free wifi, food and drinks that are redeemable for the entire membership fee you pay (9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday), scanners, printers and stationery. Doubt it gets much better than this.

Sign up: INR 5000 a month.
Where: Near Khar Station, Khar (W)

Ministry Of New is a new(ish) one but is more of a culture space in itself than just a co-working space. A massive studio that has been converted into the chicest possible space for cracking down and getting it done, MoN is the brainchild of Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chadha. 
It looks like something of a designer’s dream and also hosts a number of talks and performances. Stay motivated with this one.

Sign up: INR 5500 for 5 days, INR 19,500 a month.
Where: Kitab Mahal, Fort

The Hive hosts cultural programmes, workshops, seminars, is abuzz with artists and performers, and houses a cafe, Hungry Traveller, that serves great cuppas and copacetic sandwiches. The Hive is a collaborative space in the true sense of the term. Freelancers, start-ups, meeting space seekers, all are welcome here.

Sign up: INR 600 a day, INR 12,000 a month
Where: Chuim Village, Khar (W)

Our First Office started by two passionate entrepreneurs looking to provide a space to collaborate, work, introspect and create, to entrepreneurs and self-employed folks, Our First Office, a space housing 75 desks, has all the trappings of the perfect ‘office’. High-speed internet, vision boards, conference rooms, well-accoutred kitchen, mail management, lockers and more. You name it and your first office will manifest it.

Sign up: INR 11,950 a month (for a dedicated desk)
Where: Churchgate and Mathurdas Mills Compound, Lower Parel

The Playce for those of you in Central suburbs feeling left out by the monopoly of town and fancy Western burbs, here’s a treat. 5000 sq ft of a plush, corporate looking space complete with 60 start-ups cohabiting, coexisting and thriving simultaneously. 
Not just this, there are conference rooms, meeting rooms, and even playrooms for relaxation and creative exchanges. Regular meet-ups, talks and seminars are hosted to behave the start-ups, freelancers, students and consultants working at The Playce.

Sign up: INR 7500 a month (Private desk), INR 5500 a month (Shared desk)
Where: Mulund

So go on, be fearless, quite that mundane job, chase those goals, and get yourself a workplace of your dreams.

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