May 26, 2020 — Liberstad, Norway: Norway’s first private city of Liberstad will be integrating new identity features for visitors and residents through the blockchain-based Smart City Platform, developed by City Chain. From voting to registration to paying for goods and services, citizens of Liberstad will be able to access these features in a thoroughly secure system designed specifically for the community.

Continuing its goal of “efficiency, transparency, and community,” Liberstad citizens can access the Smart City Platform through any online device. Actions taken using identities are recorded on a virtual ledger. No information is shared publicly. …

Our fully remote team at City Chain has been working to develop new products and features for the City Hub and City Blockchain over the past few months. This newsletter will provide updates about the movement of City Chain from the Stratis code base to the Blockcore code base.

What is Blockcore?

If you are familiar with the crypto space then you are probably aware that project teams sometimes make the decision to move from one blockchain to another. City Chain has decided to move from Stratis to Blockcore in order to utilize certain features that the Blockcore codebase offers.

Blockcore enables teams…

City Chain Foundation announces that its cryptocurrency, City Coin (CITY) is now available for trading on the Netherlands-based Txbit exchange. The listing follows CITY’s successful January 2019 debut on the p2pb2b exchange.

CITY is paired with BTC and ETH on both exchanges. Txbit, built by the same team responsible for the popular Solaris (XLR) cryptocurrency, extends these pairings to include XLR.

To City Chain’s Head of Marketing, Laurel Tincher, the new listing is a perfect match. “Txbit is built to support cryptocurrencies like CITY,” Tincher notes. “Txbit is devoted to clear, transparent trading without the kinds of inflated listing fees…

With a Smart City platform to streamline city services and make citizen information easily accessible and secure, City Chain has launched City Coin to enable a new era of community engagement and innovative governance. P2pb2b exchange is the first to offer City Coin for trading.

We are using blockchain technology to make city services available for cities, towns and their citizens through our Smart City Platform. A big step in this process is the development of the City Coin Cryptocurrency, which City Chain is happy to announce has been listed on its first exchange, p2pb2b.

“Our Smart City Platform is…

“With over a decade of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, and a proven track record of catalyzing movements for the future, the City Chain Foundation is excited to welcome Tincher to our team.”

Laurel Christine Tincher, a veteran marketer and entrepreneur with diverse experience spanning over a decade, is joining the City Chain Foundation as Head of Marketing.

As an entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies in different industries, Tincher brings a wealth of experience to the City Chain Foundation. …

CITY will soon be listed on p2pb2b Exchange.

Join the conversation on Telegram.

City Coin (CITY) is the currency used on the City Chain. The City Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, making it accessible to people without the need for hardware investments for mining. Instead of mining, you can choose to use your coins for staking through the City Hub platform. As a staker, you provide a service to the community and the network, and receive staking award in the form of new coins for every block you are selected to stake. …

We have now announced the availability of City Chain, which will power the Smart City Platform.

The currency and means of exchange on the City Chain, is City Coin, with the ticker CITY.

You can read more of the technical details in the announcement here:

If you are ready to get started with City Chain, you can get City Hub, which is your portal into City Chain, from the official website at

We got a lot of exciting things going forward, and we need help from more people to spread information and help in the community.

Please join our Discord with this link:

The City Hub is a unified app that has all the normal wallet features you’d expect, and additionally it gives you access to new insights and features of the City Chain and the Smart City Platform. Everything is available through the same app.

We are actively working on the development of City Hub, and are taking great care in making sure that the user interface is both elegant and easy to use.

City Hub welcome screen for new users

Above is the first welcome screen for new users. …

Liberstad is a new private city being established in the southern part of Norway. It is during these early stages of city development, that we became aware of the challenges and obstacles to widespread usage of crypto-currencies and blockchains technologies in the day to day interactions and trades that humans, merchants and corporations does.

As long as the simplicity and utility of cash payments, or payments with credit cards, are easier than the crypto-currencies, there won’t be a widespread usage among the majority of trades and commerce going on around globe.

Crypto-currencies are digital money, in a way that have…

First goal of the Smart City Platform is to make it easy to use and accessible for everyone, the second goal is to become an umbrella for the multitude and wide range of services that are being built today on crypto-currency and blockchain technologies.

By relying on the Smart City Platform, and by owning City Coins, you as a citizen and individual, should be able to buy goods and services without requiring any conversion of currencies, or repetitive tasks such as filling out registration forms.

Your identities are stored securely on the City Chain blockchain, and when you purchase a…

City Chain

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